Solid State Joins Forces with D & D Elevator

Bronx, New York, February 7, 2022 – D & D Elevator Maintenance (D&D Elevator), an American Elevator Group company (AEG), today confirmed the combining of resources with Bronx-based Solid State Elevator (Solid State), further expanding their collective ability to serve customers throughout New York State.

Founded in 2002 by President Frank Mauro, Solid State specializes in the maintenance, modernization, and repair of all types of elevator equipment.

Frank, transitioning to the position of Vice President of Service Operations for the two businesses, acknowledged the opportunity, saying, “I have known the D & D management team for many years, and their reputation for service quality is unsurpassed. Their also being a significant part of American Elevator Group will ensure we build upon their legacy of excellent customer service, and technical expertise.”

Michael Bonardi, President of D&D Elevator, commented, “We are delighted to welcome Frank and the Solid State team to D & D, as part of AEG’s expanding resources. Our combined strength will provide additional benefits to all our customers, and continue to build on the success of both businesses.”

About D & D Elevator Maintenance

D&D Elevator, established in 1981, is a well-established, independent provider of elevator maintenance, repair, modernization and new installation services across New York State. The Company has a deserved reputation for its dependable customer service, reinforced by its team of quality-trained professional technicians.

About American Elevator Group

Founded in 2020, American Elevator Group (AEG) is one of the largest independent elevator service providers in North America. The group consists of trusted, highly reputable, select independent elevator service companies across 21 states that deliver exceptional customer value while covering all industry specializations, from legacy maintenance and repair services to high-technology installations and modernizations. Backed by significant resources in safety, finance, technology, marketing, and operations, the group is in a continuous state of growth. For more information on AEG, visit

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