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As an experienced team of elevator professionals, we’ve seen our fair share of ups and downs over the years. However, being part of American Elevator Group has allowed all our partners to dramatically improve the way they do business and serve their customers. Through the power of our regional, independent service presence, we can today focus on delivering first class customer care that is tailored to your needs, while drawing from the strength of the group and its shared infrastructure. We know you deserve peace of mind – and while we may not be able to help you with all your day-to-day challenges, we’ll at least make sure your elevators are not one of them.

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Our Story

How we started

In 2020, Mark Boelhouwer joined forces with investment group Arcline to lay the foundations for what was to become American Elevator Group (AEG). His vision was to create a collection of the most reputable and trusted elevator service companies in the country, with each company operating independently and continuing to do what it has always done best – delivering exceptional customer service – while sharing the advantages brought by a powerful backbone of resources, knowledge, and technology. The first company to formally join AEG was New York City service veteran Unitec. This was soon followed by a series of strong, reputable elevator service brands in and beyond the Tri-state area such as D&D Elevator in New York, Jersey Elevator in New Jersey, and Kencor Elevator in Pennsylvania. By the end of our first year, a total of 11 companies had already joined us and we were well on our way to creating a solid group-wide infrastructure for resources, knowledge, and data. In 2021, another series of investments resulted in an additional five companies joining the group and bringing the group revenue to more than $350 million.

Where we are now

Today, we are continuing to build and grow our group of independent elevator service providers across the country. After a period of rapid expansion, we are proud to have increased our footprint to incorporate 12 partner companies across 22 states, serving 30,000 elevators. Every day, we demonstrate the strength of our unique partnership model through our ability to serve customers with a consistently high quality service. We take pride in our regional brands and the service presence that allows us to have a direct relationship with our customers. As a group of companies, we subscribe to the same fundamental values and principles. These include investing in our people, putting safety first, communicating clearly and respectfully, and focusing on what’s best for the customer.

Where we're headed

Our vision is to expand AEG across North America and beyond, carefully selecting independent companies that share our commitment to significantly raising the bar for what customers can expect, as well as challenging the status quo of the industry. We’re excited about the future, and the opportunity to fulfill the vision of bridging the significant gap between regional service companies and proprietary multinationals. Together, we have the freedom, passion and ability to change the future of elevator services – and we’re just getting started.

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