Return to Work Strategy

Preparing your elevator systems for increased usage

As more people return to in-person work, your elevator management approach will need to be recalibrated to accommodate the inevitable increase in passengers and use, as well as follow the local guidance to mitigate the risk of spreading COVID-19. This includes everything from cleaning schedules, traffic flow and potential alternative routes in order to maintain social distancing, all based on your building specifics such as number of floors, daily number of passengers and elevator cab sizes.

American Elevator Group and our partner companies have been working with customers to help them create a return to work elevator plan that fits the needs of their buildings. We work closely with you to understand the building needs and potential usage to develop a custom approach, to get your tenants back in safely and efficiently.

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Backing up our work with data

We are helping tenants across the country return to work safely.

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Drop in office landlord profits with 3-day home working
Broad knowledge and experience

We work with buildings and elevators of all types and bring that depth of knowledge and experience to help build the right plan for your needs. Because of our national network of partner companies, we also have an incredible resource of experts if we are faced with a more complex challenge or want to see how one solution may have worked in another building.

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Tailored specifically to your, and your tenants’ needs

Our solutions are always created with your specific needs in mind, as well as with local guidance around the COVID-19 pandemic. We aim to build a comprehensive plan that covers cleaning, social distancing, elevator programming and traffic flow. Your tenants health and safety is of the utmost importance and having a proactive return to work plan will help protect them.

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