Traffic Management

Understanding your vertical transportation needs for efficient traffic flow

Whether in the design phase or working to optimize existing systems, understanding the traffic needs of an elevator is critical. Having the proper flow, including wait time, is the most important factor in ensuring your elevator system is working at optimal efficiency and there is a high level of passenger satisfaction.

AEG and its partner companies will be hands-on in developing the right traffic management solution from you – from the needs analysis and traffic study to the “test and learn” phase. Because we have done this for buildings and elevators of all types, we can help you pinpoint the right plan for your elevator systems.

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Backing up our work with data

We help buildings of all kinds develop traffic management plans to optimize their elevator systems.

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Solutions for Traffic Management offered by AEG
Data-driven traffic management plans

Our traffic management plans are not “off the shelf” and, in addition to being tailored specifically to your needs, are based on data-driven insights. We start with traffic studies and the specific data points, such as elevator speeds, number of tenants per floor, equipment performance against manufacturer specs that will inform how the plan takes shape.

Data driven traffic management
Commitment to peak elevator performance

There are always curveballs when it comes to elevator performance, such as the unknown around returning to work because of COVID-19, and we work closely with you to ensure that your traffic management plan stays applicable. This means regular check-ins and continuous problem solving as issues arise. We are committed to helping you maintain and improve upon your elevator system performance.

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