Extend the life of your aging elevator

We understand that the expectations of your elevator performance are high, and you want them to be operating at their peak for the entire lifespan. With proper maintenance this is possible, but there will need to be modernization upgrades that happen to keep your equipment in mint condition – perhaps to replace obsolete equipment or deteriorating parts that may make the elevator appear unsafe. AEG and our partner companies help you plan for modernization work, taking into account daily usage, local codes and regulations and building needs, and can work to incorporate any design standards into these upgrades.

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Cost-effective modernization

A tailored elevator modernization plan will take into account all of your building and equipment specifics to create a cost-effective solution for your needs. AEG and partners will build the right timeline and identify the right areas to upgrade in order to fit any budget.

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Benefits to elevator modernization projects

Although a modernization project can appear to be a huge task, there are many residual benefits to these upgrades, such as an improved appearance, better performance or potentially lower energy costs using more modern equipment.

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Broad Elevator Manufacturer Experience

AEG and our partner companies have experience working with all equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

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Codes and Standards Compliance

Modernization upgrades will ensure that your aging equipment will stay in compliance.

Planned cost of maintenance
Planned Cost of Modernization

Integrating maintenance and modernization plans will help identify when these potential upgrades will be needed and how these will fit into your budget.