Dependable, timely and safe

We know what a critical part your elevators play in your business, and we want to make sure that we don’t just repair any faults and get your elevators back in service as quickly as possible but that we also help you manage any potential traffic flow issues and prevent the issue from happening again.

With the help of predictive technology and historic data, we can offer an overview of future elevator support needs, which can help you plan your maintenance costs more accurately.

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Experience is key

Our decades of experience working with all major elevator manufacturers across every possible building type ensures that we can help you solve your issue quickly and with minimal disruption. Our teams are certified and trained in handling both the complex high-tech solutions of modern elevators and the obsolete mechanics of traditional, decades-old equipment.

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Safety is at the forefront

While we will work to make our repairs as quickly as possible to get your elevator back online, we never compromise on safety - and that will always be our top priority.

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‘Always-on’ Issue Monitoring

We can offer solutions to help identify and diagnose a potential weakness before it becomes an issue.

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On Call 24/7

All our partner companies are on call day and night, 365 days a year.

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Extensive Parts Inventory

Sharing a larger parts inventory means that our partners can resolve issues and repairs quickly.