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Optimal elevator performance starts with unparalleled installation service

Selecting an elevator system that is right for your building can be cumbersome with many available choices. AEG and our partner companies work with you to determine the best make and model using our broad experience across our network and will ensure that it is installed to the highest level of safety and operational quality. Because we are an independent elevator company, we don’t have a preferred manufacturer and will ensure that the system you pick is the right one for your needs. Our teams can also work with and install any system that you select.

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Simplifying your elevator choices

Listening to your elevator needs will help us simplify the elevator selection process. We will explore the right model and equipment that will meet your passengers’ expectations and support your building’s core operational functions.

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Independent and unbiased support

Our teams have worked with every elevator manufacturer and supplier and will bring that knowledge to your installation project. Because we have installed so many different types of elevators, we know any potential nuance to the process and experienced it first-hand.

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Decades of project experience
Decades of Project Experience

Our teams have installed elevator equipment in every building type and supported projects of all scales – from new construction to a replacement.

Network of partners
Network of Partners

Our network of partner companies allows us to consult with experts to ensure that you have the smoothest installation process possible.

Full lifecycle support
Full Lifecycle Support

When AEG and our partner companies are involved from the installation, that knowledge is used to inform the most accurate maintenance and testing and compliance plans.