Sanitization Techniques

Protecting health & safety

Every building has its own set of challenges when it comes to keeping tenants healthy and reducing the spread of viruses, especially in a pandemic world. While elevators generally are a safe mode of transport, passengers’ confidence in them often relies on regular sanitization.

American Elevator Group and our partner companies understand how important a proper elevator sanitization plan is to minimize the spread of germs and viruses. We will work closely with you and your facilities team to identify your specific needs and build a comprehensive plan that can include cleaning routines and schedules, hands-free solutions such as touchless buttons, air filtration system recommendations, as well as traffic management solutions.

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Backing up our work with data

We have helped all types of buildings create sanitization plans.

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Plans customized to your needs

Not all elevators are created equal, and we will build a health and safety plan that is specific to your needs and equipment. We will take into account everything from traffic flow to daily usage to create a suitable solution, and advise on how it could be executed on a daily basis.

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Access to the right products and applications

As a group of independent elevator service companies, we have the power to bring you the right technology or product solution - regardless of manufacturer. This means that we can identify the best match for your sanitization needs, guide you through implementing the solution, and help your elevator passengers feel safe and comfortable moving through your building.

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