Preventive elevator maintenance

Preventing unexpected repairs saves time, money and the avoidable hassle that comes along with having an elevator out of service. This prevention comes with a proactive maintenance plan that helps you care for your elevator equipment to extend the lifespan, meet your building’s safety standard at all times and gives you insight into when repairs and upgrades may be needed.

Each elevator has varying needs for maintenance, and as an AEG customer, you will receive a tailored plan that is fair, flexible and fits your budget.

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A maintenance plan created just for you

American Elevator Group and our partner companies do not offer a “one-size-fits-all” maintenance plan. Each plan, and schedule, is built for your operational needs and we will ensure that what we propose lines up with your objectives, timelines and budget.

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National network of experience

Because our teams are made up of the best in the elevator industry, with a broad range of experience working with different equipment across many different building types, we bring that knowledge to each maintenance plan. We have the benefit of hindsight through our decades in the industry and want to share that with you by creating the right maintenance plan for your needs.

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Always On Issue Monitoring

Our technology will help identify and diagnose an issue before it becomes one

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Local Regulatory Compliance

The proper maintenance plan will ensure that your elevator stays in compliance with local codes standards.

Planned cost of maintenance
Planned Cost of Maintenance

Understanding the lifespan of an elevator, and the equipment, will help identify when potential repairs will be needed and can be budgeted for well ahead of time.