Testing & Compliance

Continuous management of safety and codes

Maintaining the safety of your elevator systems is critical, as is making sure you keep these systems in compliance with local codes and standards, including accessibility and fire codes. AEG will help you understand these codes and the frequency of the tests, and then build a plan to make sure you pass each test with flying colors.

Through smart technology and building databases, our team can monitor when one of your elevator systems falls out of compliance, maybe before you even know, and will work with you to fix the problem immediately.

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Proactive compliance management

The AEG approach to compliance is to proactively manage potential violations so that the issues can be addressed quickly. This means understanding the local jurisdiction testing schedule and staying on top of code updates. We also have a proprietary network of building system databases we monitor regularly to help build out the proper schedule.

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Local knowledge

We know the local Authorities Having Jurisdiction and can help you navigate any testing and inspection needs you may have. Our teams are on the ground, seeing how the codes are interpreted and put into motion.

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Testing and compliance
Extensive Knowledge of Codes and Standards

AEG team members are experts at understanding each code and standard your elevator systems and buildings need to follow.

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Violation Response Team

We will respond quickly and efficiently to any potential violation to help you get your elevator back online.

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Integrated Plans

Integrating maintenance, modernization, and testing and compliance plans will help plan for future capital expenditures needed for your elevator systems to continue to stay compliant.