Our Services

Elevator services you can rely on

We know that elevators are at the core of industries and the backbone of buildings across the world. Our mission is to give you complete peace of mind when it comes to your elevators - and our services reflect that commitment. With American Elevator Group, you will get an elevator service provider that is focused on you and your needs, and we take pride in delivering that service each and every day.


When you need an elevator repaired, you need it quickly and with minimal disruption. Our expert technicians ensure that the work is done promptly and with care. We also make sure that we identify the root cause and work with you on an appropriate plan to prevent future issues.


As with any machinery, maintenance is the key to longevity and reliability of elevators. We also recognize that many manufacturers’ own off-the-shelf elevator maintenance plans can be very costly. This is why we have developed flexible maintenance plans that fit your needs as well as your budget.


As elevator technology and building codes change, we help you keep up to date with what is needed to upgrade your existing elevator system. We’ll help you build a modernization plan tailored to your timeline, budget, and future plans.

Testing & Compliance

Safety and compliance are critical factors for elevator operations, and our team will never compromise on these. We understand all the licensing and regulation requirements for your specific region and will help you manage elevator testing and inspection schedules as well as address any potential code violations.

New Installation

Elevator performance begins with selecting the right equipment for your building and needs. We will not only work with you to choose the right elevator system, but we will also manage the installation. We are with you every step of the way and ensure that safety and reliability are at the core of each project.