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Finding a trustworthy and dependable elevator service provider should be easy, so we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and created a national network of the best independent companies. All of our team members share a commitment to quality, safety and performance. This means that you can trust in us to deliver consistently exceptional customer care - wherever you are in the country.

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What makes us tick

American Elevator Group was born out of our collective experience working in the elevator industry, and recognizing that along the way, many service providers were putting profits over what matters most - the customer. Our vision is to be a business that bridges the gap between the traditional regional service company and the multinational elevator giant. By working together, our independent companies can draw from an exceptional pool of skills and resources, while continuing to provide the same excellent personal, regional service our customers know and love.

Our story
Rooted in values
Rooted in values

Our values are built on the “Declaration of Independents”. This is an expression of how we work together to maximize knowledge and resources, serving our customers with their genuine interest at heart - while also making sure to be a force for good in the communities where we operate.

Our values

We’re growing quickly

We're the fastest growing group of independent elevator service providers in the country. But it isn't just about growth, it's about building a network of the very best like-minded companies that can deliver the best quality service to you - by the power of our independence.

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Meet the people behind the vision

American Elevator Group and our partner companies are run by industry leaders and visionaries who have succeeded by doing things their own way. This collective group of elevator industry experts are bringing their experience, knowledge and dedication to more markets and more customers across the country. Our management team is well-rounded, bringing supplier, servicer, and customer perspectives to the foundation of AEG, and building the elevator company of the future as a true service provider.

Meet the people behind the vision