American Elevator Group Launches Employee Matching Gift Program

Manhattan, NY August 16th, 2021 – American Elevator Group (“AEG”) today confirmed the introduction of their matching gift program, to encourage and support the generosity and community involvement of their employees.

The program provides matched dollar-for-dollar funds to charitable organizations, nonprofit groups, and educational institutions that AEG employees choose to personally support, up to $500 per donation.

AEG President C. Mark Boelhouwer acknowledged the launch of the program, commenting: “A central priority for us as an organization is to be a force for good. This means that we want to have a positive impact not only on the lives of our employees, but also on our communities and the world around us.”

Paul Argyropoulos, AEG’s Chief People Officer, added: “We strive to be good corporate citizens, and we will continue to demonstrate our progressive nature through a variety of exciting initiatives to be released in the coming months.”

About American Elevator Group

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