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Sep 09, 2022

How to Choose the Right Elevator Service Plan

One of the most disruptive and costly situations that can strain a building’s traffic management is elevator downtime. If the building is busy enough, elevators being down can bring things to a halt.

This can happen for several reasons – failed or obsolete components, an emergency malfunction or any kind of superficial or accidental damage.

But the reverse is also true. These situations can be minimized or eliminated with the proper ongoing maintenance plan, saving you money and resources today and in the future.

Building owners – especially portfolio owners with multiple properties – can no longer afford to only service their elevators when they need to. Modern elevator service strategies have evolved to emphasize the importance of ongoing, proactive maintenance to keep elevators running dependably every day. To find the right service plan, however, you must first find the right service provider.

The Right Elevator Service Provider

Building a strong relationship with a dependable company that will perform preventative maintenance will pay major dividends, not the least of which is in developing a regular service plan that is unique to your elevators and building type.

But how do you know who the right service provider is? How do you begin developing that partnership?

This may seem like a big challenge at first, but with a little prep, it’s not as overwhelming as you might think. Here are some important things to help you make the right decision when looking for a new elevator service company:

  • Check the company’s references. Ask who they may have worked with that has a similar building or elevator type. Talk with other owners and managers. Verify the service company’s reputation.

  • What are their response times? Find out if they are available 24/7 and what their typical response times to emergencies are. Also check their location – are they near your building?

  • Where does their expertise lie? Have they worked on your type of elevator? What do they specialize in?

  • Are they experienced in switching from a previous service company to theirs?

  • Can they be transparent in all aspects of every project - including billing and compliance?

  • What is their safety policy? Do they place as much emphasis on it as possible?

If you discover any concerns with the answers to these questions, then the company you’re vetting may not be right for you. When it comes to servicing your elevators safely and dependably, you cannot compromise.

The Right Service Plan

Any service company can develop a maintenance plan for your elevator(s), but is it the right one?

One of the most important things a reliable provider can deliver is the right elevator service plan, one that is tailored precisely for the maintenance your system needs and nothing it doesn’t. Good service plans should also be flexible enough to allow for planning for future upgrades or replacements while keeping the system performing reliably in the meantime.

Budgets are a consideration of course, but often the cheapest solution is just that – and that can come with the added risks of slow responses and undependable work, which can pose a safety risk.

Therefore, the value of having a proper ongoing maintenance strategy cannot be overstated. This way, you’ll be able to spot potential elevator problems before they occur, saving time and money on emergency repairs while always maintaining compliances and upholding safety standards. If you own or manage multiple buildings, this is even more crucial. Building a good relationship with a reliable company can tailor service plans to each individual elevator in all your buildings, giving you peace of mind that your properties are taken care of.

All things considered, finding the right elevator service plan and the right service company often go hand in hand.

Taking the time to do your homework and ensure that both are the right fit will pay off significantly in the long and short-term for tenant satisfaction, safe operation, and your bottom line.

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