Quadomain Hollywood Condos Maintenance Contract

Date completed on December 31, 2021

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The Quadomain Hollywood Condos offer a glimpse of tropical paradise to its tenants and guests, though that’s usually not too difficult with an oceanfront property. Situated 20 miles north of Miami, these luxury condos provide clear sightlines of the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Intercoastal Waterway to the west. The location isn’t the only benefit, though. The interior highlights include marble décor and a spacious reception hall. The property contains 28 floors with 420 rooms, each with enough space to spread out, along with hardwood floors and sun-drenched balconies. Six electric elevators provide access to these floors and units, and while luxury is evident throughout the property, the elevators lacked this trait. Quadomain Grand State Realty took notice, especially when poor functionality and outages became common. They needed a way to strategically improve the elevators’ functionality and aesthetics to match the condo’s other attractive amenities. South Florida Elevator Service (SFES) got the call, determined to ensure the Quadomain Hollywood Condo elevators no longer served as a source of frustration.

No. of Elevators
Years with Customer
6 Years
Project Duration
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Quadomain hollywood condos maintenance contract image 1
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When you’re living in the Quadomain Hollywood Condos, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to use one of its six elevators. Though the daily usage frequency has always varied by tenant, one thing became clear to all. The used, subpar-looking cabs, jerky starts, rough rides and hard stops were telltale signs that the elevators needed servicing.

While some tenants at other condos in the United States might not place much emphasis on how an elevator looks, or even if it provides a less-than-smooth ride, the quality of Quadomain Hollywood Condos and the vibrant scene surrounding them made the elevators stick out for the wrong reasons.

But the aesthetics and imperfect rides weren’t the only concerns. The six elevators suffered constant outages, leaving tenants and guests frustrated. With three major problems on their hands, the property manager sought expert assistance.

They turned to SFES, hoping that basic repairs and tune-ups would be enough to reduce the outages and the unpleasant transition from the lobby to the correct floor.

Emilio Paneca recalls the initial contract well. As SFES’ president, he’s seen his share of maintenance jobs that seem geared toward certain outcomes.

“We signed a five-year maintenance agreement and sold them a repair to upgrade the elevator door equipment,” he said. “(We had to) bring the elevators to a reliable working order.”

Without basic elevator functionality, frustrations would continue to mount among tenants and guests, with the potential to reach a level that could negatively impact occupancy. Even with a prime location on Hallandale Beach, poorly operating elevators could ruin the experience. In time, tenants could start looking at For Sale signs at other properties.

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The Experience

At the start, the situation felt grim for Quadomain Grand State Realty. Providing working elevators with no outages was a basic expectation, but one that they kept falling short of.

Those early service days stand out to Paneca, who can still hear the phone ringing often.

“In the beginning, when we took over the maintenance, we had a lot of service calls,” he said. “However, with the preventative maintenance control program that we had in place, we were able to clear most of the deficiencies and improve the elevators performance, while minimizing the outages.”

Regardless of the service call frequency, SFES answered all calls promptly and addressed every maintenance issue as it arose. Remedying the outages restored confidence in everyone from the property managers to the tenants, who no longer had to worry about whether they’d need to navigate several flights of stairs to access their units.

Even with a favorable end result, Paneca said it wasn’t always easy. But with challenge comes motivation and eventually the satisfaction of a job well done. The reward is seeing satisfied tenants, guests and property managers, which makes those trying days all the more worthwhile, he said.

“This is one of our best customers,” Paneca said. “They are very happy with our service.”

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The Result

Quadomain Grand State Realty gained a new appreciation for its elevators. With fully functional cabs and outages reduced to past-tense lore, the occupants’ experience has dramatically improved.

Tenants and guests can access all 28 floors of the property without having to worry about being forced to take the stairs. They can now enjoy everything – from heated swimming pools, saunas, fitness centers, restaurants and beauty salons – free from concerns about the elevators’ ability to transport them safely and comfortably.

“Having a happy customer is always a reward, plus the environment we worked in that building was always pleasant,” Paneca said. “Because they were happy with our service and performance, it makes everything easy for us (in the future).”

As important as basic functionality is, however, it isn’t enough when the elevators’ aesthetics hold considerable merit in the eyes of Quadomain Hollywood Condo tenants. And thus, SFES has another job at the property this June – a full modernization of those same six elevators.

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