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American Elevator Group is the nation’s strongest group of independent elevator service providers. Every partner brings years of experience to the table, along with a solid reputation, technical knowledge, and a commitment to putting safety first. In turn, as an active part of the group, all companies enjoy a vast range of benefits that come from the power of centralized resources, expertise, and support. Our collaboration is underpinned by a set of shared values that drive us all to the highest standards of customer care. Our goal is to change the face of the elevator industry, and we are well on the way to achieving it – one partnership at a time.

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What’s in it for you

What we offer our partners is a truly unique proposition: we invest in the centralized resources that elevate your business to the next level, while empowering you to retain the strength of your existing brand and regional presence. With the added infrastructure in place, you can simply focus on your core business – growing and strengthening your customer base.

As an AEG partner, you have access to a wealth of resources for safety and training, as well as operational and service improvements. By the strength of our partnership, we can equip a limited, regional business with the resources of a major enterprise.

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We are the fastest growing group of independent elevator service providers in the country. However, it’s not just about growth. What we want to focus on is creating a positive momentum in the industry, that ultimately leads to a higher standard of service delivery. We do this by bringing together the very best businesses, the sharpest minds and the best skills, to offer the very best value to our clients.

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