Hoover Appointed President of Eltech Elevator

Bronx, NY - C. Mark Boelhouwer, President of American Elevator Group (‘AEG’), today confirmed the appointment of Michael ‘Mike’ Hoover, as President of Eltech Elevator (“Eltech”), effective January 1st, 2022, in addition to his current role as President of American Elevator & Machine Corporation (AEM).

Patrick (Pat) Kiely, Eltech’s incumbent President and co-founder, recently announced his plans to step back from his current position in 2022 after 36 years with the business. Regarding the appointment of his successor, Pat commented “I am delighted that Mike will be leading the Eltech business for its next period of development.”

Boelhouwer added “We are fortunate to have a wealth of talented leadership to draw upon to continue the work that Pat and his co-founders began. I am pleased that Mike has agreed to accept the additional responsibility of leading Eltech as their new President.”

Bronx-based Eltech joined AEG in January 2021. AEM, located in Long Island City, was founded in 1902 and acquired by the Mike’s father Bob and partner in 1982, before joining AEG in August 2020.

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