D&D Elevator Invests in Own People as Leadership Team is Restructured

NEW YORK, July 14th 2021 – D&D Elevator are proud to announce a series of promotions and leadership shifts in the company which all contribute to a strong, strategic, and diverse management team.

Since joining American Elevator Group, D&D Elevator has consistently focused on strengthening and empowering its team through education, collaboration, and promotions. After Michael Bonardi took over the Presidency role at D&D Elevator in August 2020 while Robert Schaeffer shifted into a multi-faceted leadership position, the D & D team has been restructured through a series of internal transitions.

“Our people are our greatest strength,” Bonardi explains. “We value the energy and commitment our team brings into the workplace each day, and we want to continue creating space for growth, development and opportunity in the business.”

Among the recent transitions is Deborah Yanno, who previously served as Modernization Manager and now takes on a Vice President role. “Deborah has been with us for 15 years and has shown great dedication to the business and to our customers. We value her leadership skills and look forward to having her more involved in strategic decision-making for the business,” Bonardi says.

Another notable promotion is that of Eric Dettmering. He goes from Modernization Supervisor to Modernization Manager, after a 30-year career at D&D Elevator where he started as a Helper. “Eric has truly grown with the business, and it’s been fantastic to see him accept new opportunities, take on more responsibility and now continue into a management position,” Bonardi explains. “Having leaders who understand the business from the inside out is invaluable.”

About D&D Elevator

Based in Elmsford, NY, D&D Elevator is a leading elevator maintenance company serving the greater New York region. The company has a proud legacy of long-term relationships built on the highest levels of customer service. D&D Elevator is an American Elevator Group Company.


About American Elevator Group

American Elevator Group is a group of trusted, highly reputable, select elevator service companies. Their key focus is to deliver exceptional customer value while covering all industry specialisms, from legacy maintenance and repair services to high-technology installations and modernizations.